The public schools in Memphis include grade schools, middle schools and high schools. There are also special institutions, such as charter schools, magnet schools, and Montessori schools in and around the Memphis area.

It is difficult to determine which schools are the absolute best as this factor is highly subjective and may vary from one year to the next, but consistently well-rated schools in the area do exist.  In the realm of grade schools, Campus Elementary School, Delano Elementary, and Idlewild Elementary are notable and consistently well-rated schools in the community.  Ida B. Wells Academy, Bellevue Junior High School, and White Station Middle School are a few well-revered middle schools in Memphis.  Well-rated, public high schools include White Station High School, Southwind High School, and Central High School.

Families who are planning to relocate to the area should always seek trusted local advice. The Chamber of Commerce is a great place to start wit up-to-date information regarding public schools in Memphis.

Most of the schools in Memphis are either grade schools or high schools. Many of the middle schools are joined with high schools or grade schools, but some are independent. The independent middle schools receive higher rankings than those that are joined with elementary or high schools. This is because students are able to learn more by focusing on their studies. Middle school is a time of transition and is often a time of immense peer pressure when these kids must be joined with their high school upperclassmen.

Another good choice for parents who want their children to have focused and specialized education are Memphis Montessori schools. These institutions provide a warm and embracing environment, encouraging students to learn in their own unique way. The rankings in creativity and critical thinking for students who attend these schools are very attractive and promising.  Montessori schools typically cater to children in preschool all the way up until 5th grade.  Notable Memphis Montessori schools include Maria Montessori School and Cendrillon Montessori in Midtown Memphis.

The charter schools in Memphis have changed in recent years, but mostly in good ways. Due to the nation-wide educational budget cuts, some classroom sizes have become slightly larger. Proactive parents have worked with the charter schools to create healthier exercise and nutrition programs for the kids. Notable charter schools include Memphis Business Academy (grades 6-8), Memphis Academy of Health Sciences (grades 4-7), and the Soulsville Charter School (grades 6-9).

Magnet schools are designed to cultivate children's interests and skills in specific areas, such as math, science, music, art or any other major focus area.  At this time, there's only one magnet school in Memphis; Springdale Memphis Magnet Elementary in Midtown Memphis.

Whichever route you choose, search thoroughly, research, and listen to your child's needs when choosing a great public school in Memphis.